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The Warrior League
June 10th - Aug 1st, 2024

Program Directors:
Shawn Palmer (479) 739-8949
Gerald Nelson (479) 259-6821

Program Description

Looking to challenge yourself and compete in a fun and organized league? Warrior Leagues offers a variety of basketball leagues for all ages and skill levels in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Whether you're a seasoned high school player or a young athlete just starting out, we have a league for you!

League Rules

Games are played according to Arkansas High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) rules with some additional Warrior League modifications. You can find the complete rulebook on the AHSAA website https://www.ahsaa.org/.

We offer both 5-on-5 and 3-on-3 leagues. Teams need a minimum of 4 players to start a 5-on-5 game and a minimum of 3 players to start a 3-on-3.

League Options

Adult Open Leagues: Anyone 18 or older can participate in our Adult Open Leagues. It's a great way to meet new people, stay active, and have some fun! There are no age restrictions, so teams can be a mix of younger and older players. To ensure a fair playing field, we may have draft or free agent pickups to balance the teams. In these leagues, players can only play on one team.

Youth Leagues: We offer leagues for younger players, with divisions based on age. This ensures a fair and competitive experience for all participants. Players can only play in their age range, except for those who want to play up in a more challenging older age division.

Registration Deadline: June 3rd, 2024
Entry Fee: (5-on-5) $320
Entry Fee: (3-on-3) $125

Season Starts: Week of June 10th
Games: 1-2 per week, Mondays-Fridays
Times: 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, or 8:30 PM
Playoffs: Every team qualifies!
Awards: 1st & 2nd Place Medals

4301 Windsor Dr, Fort Smith, AR 72904

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